Life Members

Life Members Breakfast

Every year, the Western Australian Cricket Umpires’ Association invite our members and Life Members to a breakfast in gratitude to the dedication and support of our association, both from past and present Life Members. The occasion is typical hosted on at ‘Mantra on Hay’ on the Sunday morning of the WACA Test match each and every season.

The time is spent talking to our Life Members and getting our current members to mix and interact with our proud history.


Honour Roll

Below is the list of our most decorated umpires and supporters of the Western Australian Cricket Umpires’ Association. Without their love and passion for the game and our association we wouldn’t be where we are today. We thank all Life Members for their support.

Year. Life Member.
1924 T. H. Shiells*
1924 S. Bickford*
1937 A. E. Pady*
1938 A. B. Sparks*
1939 A. D. McIntryre*
1940 T. Swain*
1948 C. W. Green*
1951 J. P. Robbins*
1952 J. W. Drew*
1953 E. Tonkinson*
1954 E. Roberts*
1955 A. F. Lethbridge*
1956 A. K. Turner*
1957 S. G. Walsh*
1958 M. F. Foley*
1961 O. T. C. Cooley*
1962 A. E. Mackley*
1963 J. Elliott*
1964 J. A. Gillott*
1964 G. W. Bourne*
1967 R. A. Johnson*
1971 W. I. Carter*
1972 S. J. McDonald*
1973 N. E. Townsend*
1974 J. H. Blyth*
1977 W. J. Turner*
1979 W. M. Powell
1980 E. J. D’Arcy-Evans
1982 G. M. Jelly*
1983 D. L. Hawks*
1984 D. G. Weser
1988 P. J. McConnell
1989 W. F. de Mamiel
1991 A. E. Richings*
1993 R. J. Evans
1994 T. A. Prue
1995 R. H. Wenlock*
1997 C. F. Gannon
2001 D. C. Frame*
2003 W. P. Reynolds
2009 T. Polich
2009 R. F. I. Watson
2009 G. J. Bibby
2015 T. R. Rann
2017 I. Lock
2017 M. D. Martell

* indicates deceased.