Olly Cooley Medal

ollycooley_medalThe Olly Cooley Medal is the leading individual award in the WADCC District Cricket Competition. The medal has been awarded to the fairest and best player in the WACA First Grade competition since 1976-77. This hotly contested medal has seen the likes of A.C Voges, P. C. WorthingtonA. J. Stewart, K. J. Hagdorn, T. J. Prindiville and many more greats of the game win the highly decorated honour.

Voting for the Olly Cooley Medal is conducted by the umpires appointed to each First Grade fixture. Immediately after each match the umpires together decide in their opinion who was the best and fairest on ground using the 3, 2, 1 voting system.

The Olly Cooley Medal count, traditionally held on the Monday before the weekend of WACA/ WADCC District Cricket Grand Finals, is the social highlight of the WACA and WACUA calendar with a long and strong tradition of dramatic vote-counts.


The Olly Cooley Medal derives its name from the late Mr. Olly Cooley who umpired in 49 first class fixtures including 34 Sheffield Shield and 178 WACA First Grade matches between 1947-48 and 1960-61. Olly is regarded as one of Australia’s greatest cricket umpires and was known as a strong supporter of the Western Australian Cricket Umpires’ Association.

Previous Winners

Season (Year)




2016-17 T. David Claremont-Nedlands 15
2015-16 S. Walters
B. Dimanti
Rockingham Mandurah
2014-15 J. Coetzee Scarborough 22
2013-14 T. Armstrong Fremantle 23
2012-13 C. Simmons Rockingham Mandurah 15
2011-12 T. Hopes Scarborough 16
2010-11 D. Bandy
M. Johnston
2009-10 P. Davis
M. Johnston
Mount Lawley
2008-09 G. Dixon Wanneroo 19
2007-08 W. Robinson Claremont-Nedlands 22
2006-07 S. Walters Midland-Guildford 18
2005-06 S. Howman Subiaco-Floreat 18
2004-05 P.M. Keenan Perth 20
2003-04 J. Allenby
D.C. Bandy
2002-03 C.G. Mason Bayswater-Morley 23
2001-02 A.C. Voges Melville 15
2000-01 P.C. Worthington Midland-Guildford 18
1999-00 K.M Harvey Scarborough 16
1998-99 K.M Harvey
D.J. Waites
South Perth
1997-98 T. Canning Fremantle 16
1996-97 M.P. Atkinson Perth 19
1995-96 M.P. Atkinson Perth 16
1994-95 W.S. Andrews Gosnells 17
1993-94 C.E. Coulsen South Perth 17
1992-93 B.J. Rayner Gosnells 13
1991-92 J.N.G. Snadden Bayswater-Morley 16
1990-91 J. Stewart Melville 16
1989-90 B.J. Raven Subiaco-Floreat 15
1988-89 K.E. Lilly North Perth 17
1987-88 A.J. Stewart Midland-Guildford 24
1986-87 V.P. Terry Perth 20
1985-86 D.J. Harris Southern Districts 17
1984-85 W.S. Andrews South Perth 16
1983-84 C.L. Robinson Melville 17
1982-83 W.S. Andrews South Perth 22
1981-82 K.J. Hagdorn South Perth 15
1980-81 K. Sharp Subiaco-Floreat
1979-80 K.J. Prindiville South Perth
1978-79 R.J. Paulsen Perth
1977-78 T.J. Prindiville
L. Varis
North Perth
1976-77 A.L. Mann Midland-Guildford